11 Do’s and 11 Dont’s during a Pregnancy

Osho rightly said,

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something new.”


The moment you see two pink lines on the pregnancy kit, you know your world is going to change for better.

Every step you take, right or wrong is going to affect the baby.

So here are the 11’s Do and Dont’s so that your every step is the right step for baby.


  1. You can eat everything provided it is healthy and hygienic. You can also eat all seasonal fruits.
  2. Keep munching healthy stuff every 2-3 hourly. Remember if you do not eat food like medicines, then you will have to eat medicines like food.
  3. Take rest for at least 8-9 hours/day.
  4. Take your supplements regularly. Remember baby requires five things – Iron, calcium, folic acid, DHA, proteins.
  5. You can travel to your office by train or road but then avoid jerks.
  6. Be active. Walk for 30 mins, at least 5-6 times/ week. Do not forget to carry water or energy drink.
  7. Do regular checkups with your doctor.
  8. You can visit beauty parlour for grooming but to avoid skin infection always use your towel. Go for only ammonia-free products.
  9. Stay calm.
  10. Create extra space for the baby in your cupboard as well as your heart.
  11. In last trimester prepare your hospital bag so that you do not panic when the pain starts.

So once we know the Dos let’s understand the Donts of pregnancy.


  1. Avoid travelling outstation, especially is the first and last three months. In case of emergency, air travel is better than road travel.
  2. Avoid exertion.
  3. Do not take iron and calcium together.
  4. Avoid outside food and water as much as possible. If no option, then go for something hot and freshly made than raw food (salad)
  5. If you are starting new exercises, then please do under guidance and supervision.
  6. Avoid vigorous sexual activity in the first and last three months because of the risk of abortion and early delivery respectively.
  7. Do not take any medicines without permission of your obstetrician.
  8. Avoid lifting weight of more than 5 kgs.
  9. Avoid breastfeeding if your little one is still on breast milk.
  10. Avoid excessive tea and coffee. 1-2 cups/day is fine.
  11. Avoid watching scary movies/serials. Avoid environmental toxins.

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