A Story of Hope | Dr. Monika Agrawal | Patients Story

A Story of Hope | Dr. Monika Agrawal | Patients Story

 A story of hope about my patient who had seven miscarriages before she was blessed with a lovely baby girl.

 XYZ already had a history of seven miscarriages before she consulted me. First,I evaluated her for ruling out all possible reasons that could be the cause of her past loss. To our surprise all her reports were normal. After seven miscarriages she was unable to conceive naturally.  They didn’t want to go for Artificial reproduction.

Now what is Artificial reproduction?Artificial reproduction is the medically assisted artificial fusion of sperm and ovum (gametes) of a donor, or genetic parents, if it is very difficult or impossible to conceive a child naturally. A creation of new life by other than the natural means available to an organism. Examples include artificial insemination, in vitro fertilisation, cloning or embryonic splitting.

So, they decided to go for adoption. To our  surprise she conceived naturally within one month of application for adoption.As, it was an extremely precious baby, she was provided with the best of the medicines and treatment available. She was given a special injection to prevent an immunogenic reaction against the baby. Immunogenic reaction is the ability of a foreign substance, such as an antigen, to provoke an immune response in the body of a human. In other words, immunogenicity is the ability to induce a humoral and/or cell-mediated immune response.

 There were many hurdles throughout her journey of pregnancy which were dealt with utmost care. With God’s grace she was blessed with a beautiful baby girl by lower (uterine) segment Caesarean section(LSCS). My patient traveled twenty five kilometers to consult me throughout her pregnancy journey as she trusted me  and I am happy that I was chosen by God to deliver her the bundle of their happiness. It was an emotional moment for me when they  expressed  their gratitude to me and God. I am sharing this wonderful story to motivate others to never lose hope and have faith in the Almighty.

We fall, we break, we fail…But then we rise, we heal and we overcome. Sending love to all of the rainbow mamas. For the mamas still waiting for her rainbow, The mamas who finally has her rainbow ,and The mamas whose storm hasn’t been forgotten since her rainbow.

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