A wonderful couple

Hey guys,

I wish and hope that everyone is keeping safe and sound. During the lockdown period, I came across this wonderful couple. Let me narrate this interesting and motivating story to you all.

I was consulting this couple who have had plans to deliver the baby in their hometown, as they were a nuclear family and lockdown added to their woes by limiting movements and other possible support systems in Mumbai. Despite numerous attempts and all their plans, they could not travel to their hometown as the intrastate and interstate mobility was disabled.

Mentally and emotionally strong, this couple sleeved up themselves to take things as they would come, staying back in Mumbai. They kept consulting with me and finally delivered a cute little baby.

Despite the absence of family members and no help from maids, they managed the situation coolly. This could not have happened but for their trust in each other and the way, they supported each other maintaining their perseverance and staying calm throughout. They did not frown a single time although their pregnancy was not a smooth one.

I am privileged to have handheld them and thankful to them for having imposed such trust on me to steer them through this challenging time.

I feel they have delivered a message to everyone out there that you can do anything provided you think you can…

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