Do’s & Don’ts During Pregnancy – Trimester Wise

Dos & Don’ts During Pregnancy – Trimester Wise | Dr. Monika Agrawal

This list of dos & don’ts during pregnancy – Trimester Wise can shed some light on what you should worry about and what you shouldn’t. This list, at first glance, seems a bit intimidating. But don’t let it scare you .

First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Do’sPregnancy Don’t’s
– Attend regular antenatal visit – Don’t expose yourself to environmental pollution and toxin present in household items (e.g : pain, relieving or cleaning products)
– Take folic acid tablets throughout pregnancy, as it lowers the risk of birth defects in your baby – Do not smoke.
– Be careful with medicines; consult your doctor for the same.– Avoid intake of alcohol, as it can increase the risk of miscarriage and lead to mental and physical impairment of your baby.
– Eat variety of heal the foods and get all the essential nutrients. – Avoid stress, as it can affect your baby ‘s health
– Ask your doctor about taking a daily prenatal vitamin or iron supplement.– Never go on a diet, as it may cause shortage of nutrients and can risk you and your baby’s health.
– Eat a protein rich diet and if your diet is deficient in protein, then ask your doctor for supplements.– Say no to hot tubs and sauna bath, since they can harm your baby’s health.
– Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Rest on your left side, as it can increase the blood flow to you and your baby and prevent swelling
– Do gentle exercise daily after discussing with your doctor
– Take care of your oral health, pregnancy is known to increase your chances of developing gum disease.

Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Do’sPregnancy Don’t’s
– Regularly visit your doctor. Take iron and calcium supplements.– Don’t sleep on your back; sleep on your left side.
– Get your tests done as advised by your doctor.– Don’t wear high heels.
– Continue taking a balanced and health diet.– Don’t smoke as it can affect your baby’s health.
– Increase your protein intake. Ask your doctor for supplements, if your diet is deficient in protein.– Don’t drink alcohol, as it can harm your baby’s mental and physical growth
– Gain weight gradually. Keep yourself active- exercise regularly.– Don’t get stressed or depressed
– Wear comfortable clothes; avoid tight fitting clothes.– Don’t take any medicine without consulting your doctor, as medicines can reach your baby’s blood easily.
– Moisturise your stretch skin (on abdomen, breasts or thighs) to reduce itching.
– Go on a holiday, it’s the time when the risk of miscarriage or premature birth is low.

Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Do’sPregnancy Don’t’s
– Do check regularly for your baby’s movements; visit your doctor immediately if your don’t feel the movement of your baby.– Avoid an uncomfortable chair while working; use an adjustable chair with good lower back support or use a small pillow to provide support to your back.
– Continue taking a balanced and healthy diet.– Don’t cross your legs while sitting.
– Try to eat iron-rich food, as your baby will take iron stores from your body– Don’t stand for long hours; support your leg on a stool if you need to stand for a longer time.
– Increase your protein intake to help rapid growth and development of your baby.– Avoid twisting your body while lifitng
– Learn to recognise the signs of labor and how to cope with labor pain. – Don’t forget to consult your doctor if you have headache, blurred vision and swollen hand and feet.
– Continue exercising; stretching exercise can make your baby ready for childbirth – Don’t forget to talk to your baby, as he/she can hear your voice; as talking helps start the bonding process.
– Buy clothes and basic’s for your baby. – Don’t forget to ask your doctor and learn about three stages of labor; this will help you feel more in control when the time comes.

Take care of yourself

Most of these can be summed with one simple sentence: Take care of yourself. Be sure to eat healthful foods, drink lots of water, and get enough sleep.

Before you know it, your little one will finally be here, physically in your arms. Then, as you hold and snuggle with your healthy newborn, remember to thank yourself for following this list of dos and don’ts in the first trimester of your pregnancy. A healthy, happy baby makes it all worthwhile.