Eat Well During Second Trimester

Eat Well During Second Trimester | Dr. Monika Agrawal

Smart choice for your nutrition during pregnancy will help in promoting your baby’s growth and development. Some nutrients that require special attention in second trimester are listed below.


  • Your protein requirement during pregnancy increases to help develop your baby and the placenta.
  • Protein supplementation helps to improve your baby’s growth, increase birth weight and height, and reduce the chance of your baby being born with low birth weight.
  • Also, protein helps you to fight against nausea and fatigue (due to anemia)

How much do you need : yYour individual protein requirement depends on your body weight. Generally you need 82 grams of protein per day.

Good Food Sources : Seafood, lean meat and poultry, eggs, beans and peas, soy products, unsalted nuts and seeds and dairy products. 

Helpful Tips  : 90% of Indian pregnant women are deficient in protein. Check with your nutritionist about your protein intake or deficiency. If your diet is deficient in protein, ask your doctor for protein supplementation.


Helps to form collagen ( a structural protein) that helps in information of cartilage, tendons, bones and skin of your baby.

How much do you need : 60 mg/day

Good food sources : citrus fruits, bell peppers, green beans, strawberries, papaya, potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes.

Helpful Tips : Add a vitamin C rich food with or just after your meal for better absorption of iron.

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