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Here is a checklist of when to do, what to do and when to start and why it is important?

Are you planning a pregnancy, then please ensure that you have gone through preconception planning checklist.

Preconception health focus on few things you can do before a pregnancy to increase chances of having a healthy baby. Remember a healthy couple will give birth to a healthy baby.

So here are the important steps to help you to get ready for the healthiest pregnancy possible…

Folic Acid:

Thinking of pregnancy, then think of folic acid. Baby’s every cell has folic acid. It reduces the chances of birth defect, like neural tube abnormalities. Just pop one tablet daily.

Folic Acid : Consult Doctor Before Taking the Medicine

Check your Preconception Health:

Get a routine blood test, specially TSH. TSH levels should be less than 2.5 mU/L for optimal fertility. It’s worth spending every penny on these test. If you have any health issues like Diabetes, blood pressure, epilepsy, infections etc, be sure they are under control. Your doctor may change your prescription as some drugs are fetotoxic.

Maintain a Nutritious Diet:
A well balanced diet enriched in veggies, fruits and fibres will nourish you as well as the baby. Avoid Junk and processed food, however tempting they may look. If non-vegetarians then eat fishes with low mercury contain. Hydrate yourself well and limit your caffeine intake.

Reach and Maintain a Healthy Weight:

Overweights will have higher risk of increased blood pressure, blood sugars during pregnancy. Under weights will produce smaller babies. Also in both cases they may have difficulty in conceiving as well as risk is miscarriages increases. So try to achieve the ideal Body mass index which is 20-24 kg/m2. And the key to achieve healthy weight is healthy eating and regular physical activity.

Lifestyle and Behaviours:

Say No to addictions. Smoking, drinking alcohol or taking Hukas or drugs by you or partner can make y’all infertile. Well if you are still lucky enough to get pregnancy it can cause serious birth defects in babies. Remember we make habits, and then habits makes us. Do it for your baby, they don’t have a say but suffer all the consequences. It’s now or never!

No smoking, no drugs and no alcohol.

Vaccination: Ensure that you are vaccinated or Immune for Rubella, chicken pox. You need to wait for at least one month after being vaccinated.Learn your family history: Collecting your family’s health history like any blood disorder or congenital heart problems or mentally retarded babies in family can be important. Your doctor might refer you for genetic counseling. Avoid toxic substances: Lead, mercury, pesticides, paint thinners, Xrays can make it difficult to get pregnancy as well as harm the developing baby.

Get mentally healthy: creating a pre-pregnancy plan can be exciting yet nerve wracking, causing anxiety in hopeful couples planing for pregnancy. Manage anxiety before it manages you. Explore and try to find out your buster activity.

Fertile days: Try to have relation for at least 4 times per week or to be precise on alternate days during fertile period I.e Day 9 to Day 18 if your cycles are regular. If this is giving you jitters🙄then forget everything and just go on a long vacation with your partner😂.

Financial planning: Confirm with your insurance policy agent about prenatal and delivery coverage. If you don’t have insurance get now. Talk with your HR about the sabbatical leave and maternity benefits. Discuss saving plans with your accountant/ investment planner.

Pregnancy Planning Playlist

Motherhood will be one of the most beautiful roles you will ever play. So start planning now as it’s better late than never. It will be my pleasure to answer any query. Feel free to ask.Book your appointment now and get yourself upbeat.

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