Healthy Diet during Pregnancy

Healthy Diet during Pregnancy | Dr Monika Agrawal

Healthy Diet during Pregnancy is needed – it involves a right amount/ balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats also consuming a variety of plants like vegetables and fruits. 

For some women’s diet may be impacted by ethical beliefs, religious requirements, or health conditions, so checking with a doctor is an important part of planning a pregnancy diet.

Here’s Ideal Diet Plan that every pregnant women should follow :

Early morning:

3-4 Almonds, 2-3 Dates, 2-3 walnuts


1 Plate Poha/Upma/2 Idli/ Dosa/ 1 paratha.

11 AM:

1 glass milk with Protein powder and 1 fruit( all seasonal fruits)


1 Katori Dal/sprouts/Pulses like chana/choley/rajma.

1 Katori Green vegetables

1 Katori Dahi

1 bowl salad ( Cucumber/carrot/tomato/beetroot)

Chapati/ Rice

Mid Evening:

Makhana/salad sandwich/sprout bhel/sukha bhel

6 PM:

1 fruit


1 Bowl soup (Tomato/ Mix Vegetable/ Spinach/ Sweet corn)

Same as lunch/ Vegetable pulao with Dal/Vegetable dalia/ Vegetable Khichdi with Dahi

10 PM:

1 glass of milk with Protein powder.

Please also make note of following things 

  • In a day, having  2 half cups of tea and 1 half cup coffee is safe. Avoid excess consumption.
  • Non Vegetarians can have boiled eggs, chicken, meat, and fish with low mercury. They should be washed and cooked properly.
  • Avoid outside food
  • Avoid spicy food
  • If Sugars are high avoid bakery products, sweets, chocolates, ice-creams, Maida products.
  • Take calcium with breakfast and Iron tablet with lunch.
  • In case of low Hemoglobin, have Dates/spinach/beetroot. Consume vitamin c like Nimbu pain with Iron tablet.
  • If you don’t like milk, consume dairy products like dahi and paneer instead.
  • Alcohol consumption and Aerated drinks are strictly prohibited.

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