Let’s talk about PCOD ! | Dr Monika Agrawal

PCOD is one of the commonest health issue seen nowadays in Reproductive age group. It’s a lifestyle disorder which is easily curable with Lifestyle modification and proper treatment. In this video we are talking about the root cause of PCOD, the symptoms and also discussing the treatment in detail.

How to conceive with PCOD?
Polycystic ovarian disease is a condition where the eggs don’t mature enough to get released. ( please see my blog on menstrual cycle before reading this)
Since there is no egg there is no pregnancy. PCOD with its wide range of symptoms is the most common hormonal disturbance of premenopausal women and a leading cause of infertility.
So I will run through 4 basic treatment goals which will help us in achieving pregnancy…..

  1. Weight:
    Weight plays a major role in your cycles as it has direct impact on it. Thus controlling weight helps u to control your cycle. Even if you reduce 10% of your body weight the chances of conception increases by many folds. Patients with PCOD not only need to keep a diet check but also burn extra calories as their metabolism may be slow.
  2. Ovulation medicines:
    Many a times we get patients with PCOD who wish to conceive but at the same time they want to regularise their cycles first. Now these two problems have totally opposite solutions, as medicines for regularising periods will also act as contraceptives. In PCOD usually the female don’t ovulate and thus the periods are irregular. Your doctor may advise a follicular study to see whether your ovaries are ovulating a mature egg or not. If your are not ovulating, then don’t panic. You can be treated with medicines, thus achieving ovulation.
  3. Supporting medicines:
    In PCOD the hormonal balance goes haywire as well as body becomes insulin resistant, which is important for egg maturation and release. Thus your Doctor may prescribe you medicines to increase sensitivity of ovaries to insulin, thus boosting quality of egg. These drugs not only helps in reducing weight but as well as in controlling sugars.
  4. Stay positive: Stress is directly related to the hormonal imbalance. When we are stressed, cortisol gets released which is responsible for “ Fright and Fight” response. This hormone also leads to increased sugar levels and as well makes the person insulin resistance, thus leading to weight gain and hormonal imbalance. Hence stay calm and lose weight rather than losing your mind.

To summarise PCOD is a condition which can be easily tackled as it’s a reversible one, provided you are dedicated enough.
Believe me you are not far from getting the good news!

Let’s talk about PCOD! | Dr. Monika Agrawal

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