Our Services

Her Care Clinic believes in providing you the best care possible while maintaining reasonable rates. 



We are a decade old medical practitioner dealing with all kinds of pregnancy-related issues ranging from termination of pregnancy to normal delivery. We have tailor-made packages depending on the hospital you choose. Uncompromising services with reasonable packages.


We provide medical Abortion (In Clinic) as well as surgical abortion (In Recognised Hospitals) services with post-abortion care and contraception advise at a reasonable cost.

Gynaecological Services

Gynaecology Services

We provide treatment for all kinds of vaginal and urine infections to sexually transmitted disease. We believe in dealing with PCOD with minimum hormonal intervention. We also do minimally invasive surgeries for abnormal uterine bleeding and Fibroids.

Vaginal and Urinal Infections

We provide treatment for all kinds of vaginal and urine infections to sexually transmitted disease.


We believe in treating Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD) with minimum medication and guiding them for lifestyle modifications.

Post Menopausal Clinic

Postmenopausal problems like Hot Flushes, urine infections, bone weaknesses are dealt with non hormonal medications.


Laparoscopic Surgeries

Our laparoscopy team does all sorts of operation ranging from cystectomy to hysterectomy with cost effective packages.

Diagnostic and Operative Hysterolaproscopy

Our laparoscopy team performs operations in Criticare or Surya hospital. Our packages are customised depending on the hospital and the room you choose. We offer the best price without compromising with treatment availability.

Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening

We believe in prevention is better than cure. Dr Monika has a keen interest and actively participates in cervical cancer awareness. Every year she conducts a free cervical cancer checkup camp for all the patients. We have all kinds of facilities from Pap testing to High-end HPV testing facilities.

Breast Cancer

Dr Monika Agrawal has been actively educating her patients for cancer awareness which includes self-breast examination.


Infertility and IUI

Infertility is on the rise and patients often jump to IVF due to Impatience. We guide and provide the best of treatment necessary for the couple. For IUI we send the sample to one of the best IUI labs available in the vicinity to optimise the result. Also, we try to adjust the time as per the working schedule of the couple without compromising the results.