Simple ways Fall Asleep Naturally

Simple ways Fall Asleep Naturally | Dr. Monika Agrawal

Good sleep is really important for every human body. Here are some simple ways fall asleep naturally It makes your body & brain function properly, also makes you feel good & gives rest to your mind.  Most people don’t have a problem falling asleep, however there might be few, who might not be able to sleep at night naturally. Poor & not proper sleep can have a lot of negative effects on your brain & body. It also affects your learning, memory, mood & emotions. Here are some lifestyle changing tips which will help you to sleep naturally & create a healthy cycle.

Here are some lifestyle changing tips which will help you to sleep naturally & create a healthy cycle.

  1. Create a consistent schedule

Many people have habit to go to bed at different times every night, which is a wrong habit. As these irregular sleeping pattern interferes with body circadian rhythm. 

The circadian rhythm follows a 24hr cycle, depending on behavioral, physical and mental changes. 

Our body has an internal clock that alerts the body during the day and sleepy at night. 

Once the body is adjusted to the right schedule, it makes it easier to fall asleep & wake up around the same time everyday & create a pattern. 

Studies have shown that optimal sleep duration for adults is 7 to 9 hours each night. Also try before sleeping, give yourself 30-45 minutes off from everything. This will allow your body & mind to relax & will prepare your body to sleep. 

  1. Avoid taking naps during the day 

Naps longer than 2 hours can disrupt the circadian rhythm. However, short naps improve alertness & well being. 

According to recent studies daytime napping leads to shorter sleep duration & lowers sleep efficiency. 

  1. Listen to Relaxing Music 

Music helps to improve sleep quality. A great tool for better sleep is to listen to Buddhist music. It reduces the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. Buddhist music is basically different Buddhist chants used for meditation. 

In case, relaxing music isn’t available, block all noises it will help you fall asleep faster & uninterrupted. 

  1. Exercise during the day 

For healthy sleep physical activities are considered very beneficial. Exercise increases duration & quality of the sleep, it also decreases the stress hormones. 

According to recent studies, it is important to maintain a moderate intensity of exercise routine. Excessive training can also lead to poor sleep. 

For better quality of sleep, working out early in the morning is better than working out later in the day. 

Activities like running, hiking, cycling or brisk walk in morning can significantly improve quality of sleep. 

  1. Turn off All Notifications 

Using electronic devices late at night is terrible for sleep. 

Watching Tv, using the phone or social media makes it harder to fall asleep. 

Using electronics devices keeps your mind active. 

Keep a practice of disconnecting all electronics & cell phones half & hour before you plan to sleep, it will help to rest your mind & body. 

Maintaining good sleep hygiene is very important. 

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