What can I do to keep my periods regular?

If you want your ovaries to take care of your cycles, then even you need to do the same for them. Remember healthy ovaries will give you a healthy you!

So here are 7 simple tips to follow:

  1. Avoid taking any hormonal tablets to postpone or prepone your periods be it marriage or travel. Don’t take regular periods for granted. hormonal pills should be taken only under medical supervision. If your doctor feels the need then take them regularly as prescribed.
  2. Keep your weight in control. Simple formula…control your weight to control your cycles. Normally you have the belief that your irregular cycle has cause weight gain. But it’s the other way round, because of weight gain your cycles are irregular
  3. Have a diet rich in antioxidants I.e veggies, fruits and 2-3 cups of green tea daily.
  4. Keep your other hormones, like Thyroid and prolactin in check.
  5. Avoid addictions like smoking and drinking. Each smoke/peg has an impact on your fertility
  6. Sleep well
  7. Mental stress..a healthy mind will yield healthy ovaries. Remember the brain is the centre for emotions as well as for your periods. Thus your emotions directly have a play in your cycle. A session of yoga, meditation or a walk with good playlist every day can be quite de-stressing You may not be able to ensure this always but at least try to follow it most of the times. Nobody is or can be perfect, and neither are your cycles. So you better strive for continuous improvement.

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