What is Surgical Abortion or D&C?

Surgical abortion is most commonly done procedure in India. It is a very safe procedure when performed by a trained medical professional.

A surgical abortion involves the removal of the pregnancy via the vagina by surgical means. Your cervix needs to be prepared I.e ripened before undergoing this procedure. I forgot to mention in video to carry sanitary napkins when you go to the hospital.

Some complications of surgical abortion are:

  • Haemorrhage:
    Excessive bleeding can happen in case of incomplete abortion. Please report to your doctor.
  • Infection:
    It can be due to incomplete abortion or previous STDs. You will be given a course of antibiotics to avoid infection. In the case of high-grade fever report to your doctor.
  • Injury to uterus or cervix:
    Very rarely, the instrument may perforate the uterus and cause injury to the intestine or infection in the abdomen leading to peritonitis. Sometimes a repetitive D&C can damage the cervix leading to short or incompetent cervix with the risk of abortion in upcoming pregnancies.

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